Aesthetics and simplicity for the enterprise

What we do

Our mission is simple in concept, but momentous in scope:
Bringing aesthetics and simplicity to enterprise user. Help ERP customers reap the spoils of incredible efficiency gains

Create simple, lovable productivity apps to augment the ERP systems of the 2020’s.

Cultivate intelligent and assistive measures for chore relief.

Field an ultra-simple implementation and pricing model to combat corporate process inertia


The App Suite

Our portfolio consists of a range of consumer-grade, extremely simple apps for Apple & SAP








A select crew

Founded as a joint venture between the Trifork group and the Invokers partners, Arkyn Studios have been staffed with an extraordinary group of engineers. 

Serving as both executive and non-executive directors as well as in engineering and design roles, former Invokers key staff have agreed to take on the momentous task of bringing the proven creed of Business Value through User Experience to the market, as off-the-shelf commercial software.



Part of the Trifork Group of companies


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