A comprehensive, extremely flexible and superbly user-friendly solution for digital forms management

FastForms is specially engineered for enterprises, with a need for efficient and user-friendly data capture facilities to complement and enhance business processes.

Powerful and flexible forms editorial features. Editors can compose, publish and distribute forms, including prefill- and automatic distribution rules. 

Prefill and distribute forms based on relevant process and data contexts. Users can continue to work uninterrupted online and offline, as the solution is fully offline capable.

FastForms is build with enterprise security in centre. With single-sign-on solutions, the enterprise-grade security of the SAP Cloud Platform and the secure power of Apple Platform Security on the device, data is secure at rest, and in transit.

FastForms support any form, report or inspection data capture job in the field.

Simple & user-friendly

SAP Arkyn Studios FastForms
SAP Arkyn Studios FastForms

A simple and powerful Editor

An advanced Cloud Engine, integrating to SAP & other backends

An efficient, simple and beautiful App

As work is being performed, and the form completed, it can - depending on choices made by the editor - go through a one or two step approval workflow, until it is either returned to the user for rework, approved or rejected.