Effortless time registration for SAP-powered enterprises

FastTime on your mobile: how it works

SAP Arkyn Studios FastTime
FastTime by Arkyn Studios Now Available on SAP® Store 
SAP Arkyn Studios FastTime

Absolute top-of-the-line user experience for manually entering time data no mater if it is on WBS, Orders or Cost center.

Use your own or work calendar data to create entries effortlessly in SAP CATS.

Discreet, helpful and intelligent assistance in ensuring timely entries of timesheets, easing the administrative burden  

Smart suggestions - Alleviate the user from the core of manually entering information. All secured on the device for optimal privacy. ​

Our FastTime app for SAP is the result of many years of user-centric app development, in enterprise scenarios.

Are you using SAP-based time registration in your company?

We are here to make your life easier! 

FastTime is masking all the complexities of backend integration and configuration from the users



End users get a smart app, that easily stacks up with the best from their prive-life consumer experiences



IT departments and SAP managers get a powerful, secure, and extremely flexible architecture to support the app, which fits into almost any SAP landscape - Cloud or on-premise 

SAP Arkyn Studios FastTime