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Log in to your FastTime App

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App Home Page

This screen is shown when you are logged into the FastTime app. If any time entries has been entered, they will be displayed on the Home Page with a status attached.

Interval / Duration

Time entries with a start and end time is entered as Interval.

Time entries with no start and end time is entered as Duration. E.g. two hours of work.

Total Hours

The clock icon on the home page will be filled as time entries are saved. Click on the clock and get an overview of how many hours you have spent working and how many you miss for a given day.


Click on the arrow in the right side and the calendar will be shown.

Click on the calendar icon in the right side. Select which one of your calendars you want to import into the FastTime app.

Add a new time entry

Click the plus icon in the right corner to add a new time entry

This template will be shown when making a new time entry. It can be filled out with information for the time entry, or it can be  filled automatically with information from a saved template (See Add a Template).

New Entry.png

Swipe left to change to another type of time entry and begin to fill out the template.   

Add Template

Use a template to fill the time entry automatically from a saved template.


Click on the icon in the lower right corner of the time entry type field.


A drop down list will be shown with saved templates. Select the template that fits the type of time entry.


After the entry is automatically filled it is possible to modify the information.


Save or cancel the changes of the time entry and return to the home page.

New Template

Add Template - Enter a name for the new template

Edit Templates - Edit or delete your saved templates by clicking on the red circle.

Overview of time entries

Click on the ellipsis icon and select Time Entries.

The screen will show an overview of all saved time entries. It is possible to sort the overview of the time entries according to status.


Click on the ellipsis icon and select Settings.

In Settings it is possible to:

  • See the users email address

  • Change the settings for the reporting template

  • Read about Arkyn Studios’ privacy policy

  • Sign out

Settings for the reporting template:

Change the default settings for which template shows when you add a new time entry.